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14 Apr 2020
Joint Regulatory Guidance on Complying with AML/CFT Verification Requirements in light of COVID-19 Measures
5 Mar 2020
UN Security Council ISIL (Da’esh) and Al-Qaida Sanctions Committee Adds Three Entries to Its Sanctions List
21 Feb 2020
Trinidad and Tobago No Longer Subject to Increased Monitoring by the FATF
12 Feb 2020
FIUTT Annual Report 2019
2 Oct 2019
Guidance note on STR-SAR Reporting Standard – October 02, 2019
12 Aug 2019
AML-CFT-PF Guidance Note for NPOs
30 Jul 2019
Notice to Non-Profit Organisations on AML/CFT Obligations
27 Jun 2019
Trinidad and Tobago 3rd Enhanced Follow-up Report
28 May 2019
Guidance to Non-Regulated Financial Institutions and Listed Business on How to Structure an AML/CFT/PF Compliance Programme
19 Mar 2019
Guidance Note on Extension of Expiration of Orders made under the Economic Sanctions Act
11 Jan 2019
Guidance Note on Sanctioned Entities pursuant to Orders made under the Economic Sanctions Act
8 Oct 2018
FIUTT Guidance Note to Reporting Entities on ATA Amendments updated as of October 08 2018
24 Jul 2018
Guidance Note July 2018 Amendments made to the FIUTT Act and Regulations
10 Apr 2018
Guidance note on AML/CFT Procedures for Politically Exposed Persons
23 Jan 2018
Important information on AML/CFT Obligations of Registered Supervised Entities
23 Jan 2018
Guidance note on Appointment and Approval of Compliance Officer and Alternate Compliance Officer
30 Sep 2017
AML/CFT Guidance for Trust and Company Service Providers
15 Sep 2017
AML/CFT Guidance for the Art Sector
6 Sep 2017
AML/CFT Guidance for the Gambling Sector
6 Sep 2017
AML/CFT Guidance for the Real Estate Sector