STR/SAR Checklist

Suspicious Activity Report /Suspicious Transaction Report Check List

  • Collect all relevant details before filling out Suspicious Activity Report /Suspicious Transaction Report (SAR/STR). This would include:
    • Names and bio data of all entities involved – dates of birth, forms of identification, addresses, telephone contacts, relationship to financial institution,  occupation (non-specific terms such as merchant, self-employed, businessman, etc.) of all entities involved.
    • Initial Date or date range of suspicious activity.
    • Monetary amounts involved.
    • Bank accounts involved.
    • Determine whether this is an initial report, corrected or supplemental report being submitted.
    • Retain and attach copies of all related supported documents.
  • Generate a Reference number -The space marked “Your Reference No.” at the top right hand corner of the STR/SAR form is for the Reporting Entity’s unique identifier given to each STR/SAR submitted to the FIU. All reports to the FIU should be sequentially numbered and that number written in this space.
  • Preparer Information – Be prepared to detail the name, title, institution and contact number of the person who prepared the information and the date which it was prepared.
  • Contact For Assistance (If Different than Preparer of Information) – Enter the name, title, institution and contact number of the person who can be contacted for additional information.
  • Draft a clear and detailed narrative of the events leading up to the suspicious financial activity. This area is critical and should include all related account numbers, institutions at which accounts are held, address, locations and dates of suspicious activities. A complete chronological account of what was unusual, irregular or suspicious about the transaction should be provided.
    This  narrative should include the material indicated when the initial suspicion was generated but any other information necessary to better enable the FIU to understand the transaction being reported should be provided.  Supporting documentation such as spreadsheets, photocopies of cancelled checks or other documents, surveillance photos, etc. are also encouraged.
  • Fill All Fields On STR/SAR – All fields on the STR/SAR form should be filled out.  The use of “N/A” (not applicable) where information requested does not relate to your reporting should be used. Be consistent in the use of date and number/currency formats e.g. “dd/mm/yy,” and “TT$$0,000,000”.
    • DATE FORMAT – Dates should be entered using the format where “dd” is the day, “mm” is the month and “yy” is the year. Zero (0) should precede any single digit number. If the month or day is not available or unknown, enter zeros in the space for “mm” and “dd.” For example –  “00/01/11” indicates an unknown day in January 2011.