The Financial Intelligence Unit of Trinidad and Tobago (FIUTT) has implemented a secure electronic reporting solution called FIUConnect. This solution is designed to allow only FIUConnect registered Reporting Entities to prepare and electronically submit Suspicious Transaction Reports/Suspicious Activity Reports (STRs/SARs) and other Reports as they become available, to the FIUTT in a secure and efficient manner.
Strategic analytical reports are produced from the FIUTT’s study of large sets of data from multiple STRs/SARs and other sources to identify patterns, future trends and typologies. Such analysis assists in intelligence-led policing and policy formation.
STRs/SARs play a crucial role in the fight against money laundering and terrorism financing and the FIU is committed to ensuring that Reporting Entities in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago file STRs/SARs of the highest quality.