Manual Registration

Welcome to the FIU’s Manual Registration Form for Supervised Entities. Supervised Entities are:

  1. Non-regulated Financial Institutions; and
  2. Listed Businesses

All Supervised Entities are required to register with the FIU under the FIU Regulations, 2011.

You may complete and submit the Form RG1 to register with the FIU.

If you operate a business, the operations of which fall within more than one (1) listed business category, you must submit a Registration Form for each category of business.

Are you required to register? Click here for the list of Non-Regulated Financial Institutions and Listed Business Categories.

How to complete the manual registration form-  Form RG1

  1. Download the Form RG1.
  2. All items on the FIU Form RG1, must be completed fully and accurately, in BLOCK LETTERS. ALL fields MUST be completed for the registration to be accepted. Acknowledgement letters will not be provided if all items are not completed.
  3. All addresses entered on the Form must be civic addresses – P.O. Box addresses are not accepted.
  4. Company names must be typed in full: abbreviations and acronyms are not accepted. Enter the Company/Business Registration Number.
  5. Indicate whether a Director or Owner or Partner by circling the relevant type. Complete all details for each Director/Owner/Partner.
  6. In Part V, if the Beneficial Owner is a company or other registered business, provide the individual’s details. Complete all details for each Beneficial Owner.
  7. Verify the information and ensure that the authorized person signs the form.
  8. Forward the duly signed form to complete the registration process to:The Director
    Financial Intelligence Unit
    Level 25, Tower D
    International Waterfront Complex
    1A Wrightson Road Port of Spain                 Or Fax to: (868) 627-7018
    The FIU will send an acknowledgment of receipt of your registration, within thirty (30) days after the form is processed.
  9. AMENDMENTS: Use the form RG1 to inform the FIU of the following:
    – Correction to a prior registration
    – Change in ownership of the business
    – Change in business/company name
    – Change in location of registered office or principal place of business; OR
    – Any other change in the particulars registered. Complete the form in its entirety showing the amendments in RED

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